About Us

My IP Ads is a website developed to provide and help IT professionals with regards to their IP Address and other IT related problems that needs to be fixed or checked for free online. We will strive to provide top of the line free online tools and improve our existing tools to make it better and more accessible online. Our online free tools range from IP Detection, IP Address Locator, Hosting Checker, Open Port Checker, Word Counter and Many More.

To start using our free online tools we do not require our users to register and provide any information just straight up use of the said tools. We will continue to developed more tools in the future to provide more services and help a lot of people online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other tools that you provide that are not for free?

No, all of our online tools are developed to provide free service to our clients online.

Can I suggest a Tool?

Absolutely, just email us and explain the tool that you want us to develop and our team will surely review it and decide whether the tool you recommended is also going to help a lot of people in the future.

Can I recommend adjustments and changes on existing tools?

Yes, just email us and provide your case study on how we can improve our existing tools and if your comment is feasible we will make sure to take steps update the tool as soon as possible.